THANK YOU from the bottom of our food lovin’ hearts!

Your support of our small business since 2012 is deeply appreciated. We could not accomplish anything without YOU. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back! Really. Do it now. You are AWESOME! You are a small business HERO! You are the reason that we are.

Not all stories end the way you think they will.

That doesn’t make it a bad ending or a bad story. And while we closed the catering operation this spring, our family of brands is actually growing. A familiar name with a new direction, the new Dish T’Pass [virtual] cooking school offers stand-alone, themed cooking classes for all ages and experience levels.

Dish T’Pass cooking classes are curated experiences of foodlove™.

Our focus is on gathering & sharing a grand (sometimes casually grand) food-centric experience. Grand without the fuss. Fuss-free foodlove that is inclusive, not exclusive. Approachable hospitality. Helping you create memorable experiences of all sizes.

You will learn how to tell your own food love story, build traditions, and to create an arsenal of heirloom recipes through virtual, real-time, interactive cooking classes.

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And introducing our newest offering, our sister brand, Cooking for Your Week.

If you cook for a family day after day, week after week, and find yourself looking for an escape hatch or hole to hide in, Cooking for Your Week is for you! We will help you answer the never-ending question, “What’s for dinner?”

Focused solely on the weeknight family dinner table, Cooking for Your Week offers a community-based curriculum teaching the family cook how to plan, prep, & put it all together, saving time, money & stress through monthly content.

Cooking for Your Week offers a balanced mix of Basic Cooking Skills, Menu Planning, Kitchen Hacks, and Recipe Repertoire Building into each month’s bounty via videos, live Coaching and Q&A’s, and a monthly newsletter filled with tried & true recipes.

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